Lala Caparao Brazil

Lala's farm is in a mountainous part of Caparaó where humidity range is 50-60% for all of her harvest. This is crucially important because the high humidity keeps the weather cold and stable during the winter bringing a higher acidity in the cup with a floral touch. The other reason is that the natural process she does tastes clean and very fruity. She and her twenty four year old daughter expertly pick only ripe cherries and thoroughly process to bring clean results. This region is called “the Ethiopia of Brazil” for the explosive cup profile. 


Origin: Caparao Brazil

Altitude: 1300m

Variety: Yellow Catuai

Processing: natural

Cup profile: plum, toffee, herbal, soft acidity, creamy body

Suggested for: espresso


Espresso recipe

In: 19gr

Out: 37gr

Time: 25’’

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