San Isidro – Peru

Within the massive Sandia Valley lie many smaller valleys, each hosting unique coffee producing communities of smallholder farmers averaging just 2.5 hectares of coffee land. Due to a UN-led replanting project in the 80s, much of Sandia Valley grows Bourbon-variety coffee, offering an elegant, floral, honeyed, and dynamically citric character, or, alternately, a rich, full-bodied, and incredibly sweet malic red apple or pear aspect. These coffees are entirely unique to Puno, distinct from what you’ll find in other regions of Peru.

Harvest period in Sandia, Puno is between July and September. They all use hand crank depulping machines, ferment in concrete tanks and wash in the same tanks. A few of them have channels for a density separation after washing. The climate can be rainy, also similar to Colombia, so many producers use parabolic beds for drying.

This coffee grows at an altitude of 1500m-1800m and the fermentation process lasts 8-24 hours. Then, sun drying takes place for 7-14 hours, on raised parabolic beds 


Cup Profile

Origin: Puno, Peru

Altitude: 1500-1800m

Variety: Typica, Caturra, Geisha

Processing: washed

Cup profile: toffee, brown sugar, plum, apricot, refreshing aftertaste 

Suggested for: espresso

Espresso recipe:


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