Monteverde Wush Wush Colombia

In 1988 the coffee farm was handed over to Gildardo and his wife Miralba as an inheritance by his father Oscar Gutierez. Gildardo and his wife have lived all their lives in the farm and have always cultivated coffee. They cooperate with three coffee tasters who encouraged them to plant exotic varieties in 2010. From that moment, Gildardo and his wife believed in the potential of their children. The children are the fifth generation of coffee producers. The oldest son, Johan, lives in Herrera and helps his father with the daily tasks of the farm (coffee processing, collection supervision, general administration). The second son, Newerley, is the business manager, Q Grader and Q processing and the youngest daughter, Katerinne, is also a Q Grader, director of marketing and director of sales, in USA and AU.

Regarding coffee processing, there is a longterm experience acquired by the 5th generation, during their work in other companies. At present, new practices are applied to improve quality, practices that are related to adequate crop fertilization, the collection of the best cherries, those that are at their optimum maturity. Then, practices are also related to controlled fermentation processing that they developed and is still in constant innovation. Fermentation imprints all the characteristics of the fruit.

More specifically, fermentation lasts for 72 hours without submerging with an open system and a controlled temperature of 35 degrees Celsius of the substrate (when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, cold water is used).

All coffees are dried at suitable temperatures, not higher that 37 degrees Celsius. Mixed drying is applied (solar and mechanical). Coffee is distributed for 15 days in areas under shade (marquesina) and then, when humidity reaches 18% it is transferred to mechanical drying in silo for 3 days, with a maximum air temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

Origin: Tolima, Rioblanco, Colombia

Altitude: 1700-1900m

Variety: wush-wush

Processing: natural

Cup profile: jasmine notes, peach, caramel, marshmallow, delicate acidity, juicy body


Suggested for: Filter & Espresso

Filter recipe:


 90-93° degrees

 Pouring time: 1'-1' & 30''

 Extraction time: 2'-2'& 15''

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