Iced Brew Taf

Taf's new Iced Brew, with Hariti's fruity aromas, is the perfect choice for a premium iced filter coffee!

Ready to drink, without the addition of sugar and preservatives, a refreshing iced brew with unique ingredients, filtered water and the exquisite high quality Hariti from Ethiopia.

Taf Iced Brew is not heated at any stage of its preparation, thus eliminating the bitter taste that we usually find in conventional counterpart products.

Extracted with cold water with slow extraction that can last up to 24 hours, and pasteurized with high pressure HPP treatment - an innovative technology that guarantees quality, safety and extended life (6 months).

It is transported everywhere, it is kept out of the refrigerator before opening and you can enjoy it with ice or tonic!

The excellent iced brew of taf will enter the daily life of authentic coffee lovers who, like taf, do not negotiate high quality coffee!

Cup profile: bergamot, spicy, chocolate, sweet acidity, fine silky body, very smooth

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