23/5/2018 Vintage Espresso @ London Coffee Festival

Taf participated for the 3rd year at the London Coffee Festival, the great festival of artisan coffee scene, which was held this year for the seventh consecutive year gathering professionals and coffee aficionados from all over the world!

There, for the first time, the experimental project Vintage Semeon Abay Espresso was presented, attracting a large audience. In 2014 Yiannis Taloumis received the natural Semeon Abay with the unique processing formula from Ninety Plus, and decided once again to experiment by taking steps in the history of coffee. After having frozen a quantity of green floured grain and watching it at regular intervals over the years, it is time to share with the lovers a taste beyond any expectation … an excellent vintage espresso!

At our booth we also presented exceptional coffees with unique flavors that stood out. The Aida Bronze Medal winners Sidra Honey and Gesha Natural from the La Palma y El Tucan farm stole the show at espresso and brew bar respectively, while still presenting the unique Finca Kilimanjaro, El Salvador & Rosebud blend in the espresso bar and Plan Chacaguaico , Colombia & Granitos De Ortiz Esperanza, Costa Rica at the brew bar.

All our coffees were made by our award winning barista Konstantinos Iatridis.

‘Till next year!