Taf @ the Athens Coffee Festival

The annual coffee event in Athens, the Athens Coffee Festival, is back and taf was present in such a special celebration!

Some of taf’s unique coffees, the well-trained barista and the La Marzocco KB90, were a unique combination that made taf’s presence special during the Athens Coffee Festival 2021.

Taf offered both to professionals and coffee lovers the opportunity to taste some of the new coffee arrivals from the Single Estate and Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series, the amazing Iced Brew, and of course its blends.

At the Espresso Bar, taf offered:

Maguta CM Natural – Kenya

Sumava Kenya – Costa Rica

Rodolfo Jardin de Aromas – Costa Rica

Pianeta Light Blue

Competition Espresso Blend

And the new arrivals, Mama Mina Nicaragua and Lala Caparao Brazil

At the Brew Bar, taf offered:

To-La Reserve – Ethiopia

Creativa Static Geisha – Panama 

Elida Estate – Panama

Creativa Static Catuai – Panama

And the amazing Rukira Kenya

The guests also loved the excellent Iced Brew by taf, the most refreshing choice for their day!

During the three-day festival, Yiannis Taloumis, taf’s CEO & Head of Quality, presented the ways in which we can develop the hard & soft skills of baristas, in order to optimally operate a coffee shop, at the Athens Coffee Festival’s Coffee Masterclasses.

It is a great pleasure for taf to be able to transmit its values ​​and knowledge both for coffee and for the education of the coffee community, through various actions and festivals, in order for consumers to discover the ever-evolving waves of coffee and to receive unique experiences.