taf – Proud supporter of the World Brewers Cup 2021

The World Brewers Cup 2021 just ended and taf was a proud supporter for another year.

The World Coffee Championships is a meeting point for the global coffee community, top representatives, renowned baristas, innovative ideas and coffee enthusiasts!

The World Brewers Cup 2021, which highlights the art of filter coffee, hand brew and excellent customer service, was hosted by the international exhibition HOST Milan October 24th-26th.

Taf happily supported the conduct of this great event, and also provided the coffee used by all participants in the first – compulsory – round of the competition.
At the WBC Brew Bar, a few meters from the competition stage, all guests had the opportunity to try the new Maguta MC Natural – Kenya!

Every year the World Coffee Championship stands out for the excellent presentations of the contestants who greatly represent their countries in such a special happening, enjoying every step of the process!