Taf in Dubai @ World of Coffee 2022

Taf was in Dubai for the World of Coffee, on January 12th-14th 2022! An event of innovation, education and professionalism, which attracts the leaders of the global coffee industry.

World of Coffee 2022 in Dubai hosted at the impressive Dubai Exhibition Centre, was a unique experience! Taf was once again present, serving world-renowned brews and taf espresso shots from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve and Single Estate series. At the RV-24 stand of Roaster Village, all visitors had the opportunity to taste taf coffees and exchange knowledge, stories and beautiful moments with the local and global coffee community.

From the Single Estate series, taf offered:

Divino Nino – Costa Rica

El Calagual – Guatemala and the Competition Blend.

Coffee lovers also had the chance to taste the unique cup profiles of the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve coffees in two separate slots at the Brew Bar, as well as at the taf stand, serving:

Los Favoritos – Nicaragua

To-La Reserve – Ethiopia 

Elida Geisha – Panama

El Burro Geisha – Panama

Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma – Panama

Maguta CM Natural – Kenya

During the three-day World of Coffee event, taf presented the stunning El Rubi, the 7th runner up of Cup of Excellence Honduras 2021, eliciting praises from professionals, connoisseurs and coffee lovers.

Taf is happy to support the thriving high-quality coffee scene in the Gulf countries since a few years now, with the valuable support of local partners Cascara UAE. Coffee is a staple of Emirati culture and everyday life, and the Arab world has proven that it seeks taf’s high quality coffee.

In an ever-evolving coffee hub, like the one in the East, taf is particularly happy to be actively involved and to impact its knowledge and values ​​for superior quality coffee.