Taf Direct Relationship Program

Through our Direct Relationship Coffees Program, we constantly seek the best seeds and lots in farms around the world, to ensure the high quality of our coffee. The communication with the growers is direct, in order to purchase the coffee directly from the farm. This means that every year we visit the coffee farms with which we have built long-term relationships.

Our objective is to support coffee growers, to have direct contact with them, ensuring that our quality criteria are met throughout the coffee route, from the coffee plantation to the processing and coffee storage.

At the same time, we continue our research about new taste profiles. We travel to coffee producing countries and make extensive research about the coffees that we will select. Our coffee selections are based on the flavor profiles that we want to develop that will be highlighted through the roasting process.

The main objective is to give our customers the opportunity to get to know high-quality coffees of a unique origin that offer an experience based on flavor characteristics as well as based on the value that they render to the customers through their route, from seed to cup.