4/8/2012 New coffee lots arrivals 2012!

In a previous text regarding my visit to Panama for my participation in the evaluation of the Best of Panama coffees, I had mentioned that I had the chance to visit 3 special farms, the farm Hacienda La Esmeralda from which we purchase coffee through the online auction the last 3 years, the Finca Lerida, the farm Don Pachi from which we are expecting some exceptional lots and the farm Mama Cata. I had then the opportunity to do some cuppings with Francisco Serracin in order to select the lots from the farm Don Pachi that would be included in the Taf Specialty Project. So now I am really happy to announce that this time has come and we have finally received these coffees!

Don Pachi – Panama

Mama Cata Lab – Panama

At the same time, we received the lots that we were expecting from Costa Rica and that were selected during my trip in January 2012. These lots are form the farm La Margarita micromill Zalmari, the farm El Quizarra – Jardin de Aromas micromill, the micromill Herbazu as well as the micromill Sin Limites.

Finally, we just received a special lot from the farm Daterra in Brazil – the lot Daterra Blue Earth. For more information you can visit in our website the page of each coffee separately.

Yiannis Taloumis