Cold Brew, by taf

Cold Brew, by taf

Taf’s new Cold Brew, with the unique aromatic and delicious notes of Hariti, is here and is the ideal choice for a superior quality cold brew!

Cold Brew is the iced version of the coffee filter. From time to time we come across different ways of making Cold Brew, each with its own characteristics. Taf’s Cold Brew has been extracted with cold water, following a process that requires more time, as its preparation can take up to 24 hours.

Cold Brew is bottled and then pasteurized with the innovative HPP (High Pressure Processing) method.

Through this process, food is protected by subjecting sealed products to very high pressures – up to 6000 bar or 87000 psi.

This method stands for its eco-friendly behavior, thanks to its low energy footprint.

With the high pressure lasting 1-3 minutes, the food with HPP retains its shape and the lack of heat means that the products that have received the High Pressure Processing retain their nutrients, without losing their taste.

Unlike other similar products, Cold Brew is not heated at any stage of production, bottling and pasteurization, thus ensuring and highlighting both its taste and aromatic characteristics, as well as the authenticity of a cold coffee of superior quality.

As the cold water extraction process is milder and the temperatures low, Iced Brew acquires a particularly mild acidity, so that not only do we don’t lose the fruity characteristics of Hariti, as well as the characteristics of chocolate.

It is an excellent coffee, ready to drink, without the addition of sugar and preservatives. A refreshing Cold Brew with only ingredients its water and the exquisite high quality Hariti from Ethiopia.

You can take it anywhere, it can be kept out of the refrigerator before opening and always serve frozen! Neat, with an orange peel, with tonic or milk, taf’s Iced Brew is a great choice for coffee lovers!

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