21/2/2018 First place at the Hellenic Brewers Chamionship and 2nd place at the Hellenic Barista Championship for taf

Two more very important awards for taf, for which we feel particularly proud!

Stathis Koremtas won the first place at the Hellenic Brewers Championship and Irini Daskalopoulou won the 2nd place at the Hellenic Barista Championship, during the Coffee Events, at HORECA 2018.

Stathis, having already acquired the same awards (1st place at Hellenic Brewers Championship 2016 & 2017) as well as awards at World Championships (3rd place at WBrC 2017 & 12th place at WBrC 2016), participated this year with Geisha variety, Lot 227, from Ninety Plus Geisha Estate in Chiriqui, Panama. He used V60 brewing method and made a quite impressive presentation. Stathis will participate at the World Brewers Cup that will take place in September 2018 in Dubai.

Irini won the 2nd place, presenting the “fresh project”. While the harvest of Ninety Plus in Chiriqui region of Panama is not yet completed, a small quantity of Geisha variety (washed processing method) from the first days of harvest “travelled” to Athens with the parchment, after the drying process (17 days). The coffee was preserved in a controlled temperature and moisture environment at taf to rest for 35 days. Then the hulling process took place and with a 4 days roasting Irini used this coffee for espresso and cappuccino beverages of her presentation. As for her signature beverage, Irini used Geisha from the same estate, with natural processing. Roasting took place “on stage” with IKAWA machine. The whole project was particularly innovative with main objective to be able to taste a coffee just a few days after the harvest, which is not possible by following the “normal” procedure/route of coffee.

These awards were the result of hard and coordinated effort, from the competitors part as well as from the whole taf team.

Finally, responsible for the skillful roasting of these great coffees that Stathis and Irini used is Elias Taloumis, head or taf roastery.