11/10/2018 Cupping by Steamhouse Cafe at Budapest!

On 30 September and in view of the World Coffee Day, Steamhouse Cafe held an amazing event in Budapest at the Akvarium Klub Official for coffee lovers.

The event attracted a total of 1500 visitors, aficionados of superior quality coffee!
At the brew bar they offered Plan Chacaguaico from Colombia and Galaretta from Peru.

Plan Chacaguaico – Colombia

Cup Profile: citrus, pineapple, balanced acidity, juicy body, long black tea aftertaste, excellent balance

Galaretta – Peru

Cup Profile: Herbs, mint notes, melases, mandarin acidity, round body, refreshing aftertaste

A cupping was also held with four excellent coffees from Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series:

Finca Kilimanjaro – El Salvador
La Clemencia – Costa Rica
El Bado Geisha – Colombia
Leoncio Herbazu micromill – Costa Rica

The exceptional La Clemencia coffee from Costa Rica had particular appeal to the audience!

Cup Profile: sweet, floral, dark fruits, high complexity