30/12/2014 3 days Istanbul Coffee Festival

Taf team returned from Istanbul after 3 productive days at the first Istanbul Coffee Festival that was held at the building of Galata school.

In one of the most beautiful buildings of Istanbul, the Civil School of Galata runned for more than 40 years as an educational institution where great figures were educated. However, after the events that took place in September 1955 the institution weakened and finally was abandoned. This is one of the first buildings owned by the church, that was returned from the Turkish government to its initial legal owners in 2012 and now it is revitalized hosting events and art related activities. Walking along the corridors you feel that it is a symbol of culture that after many years is being leveraged.

During the days of the Coffee Festival we had the opportunity to meet professionals with whom we share the same ideas, to offers exclusive coffees at the La Marzocco Artisan Bar and to talk with informed consumers. At the same time, 5 workshops were organized for professionals as well as consumers – sensory skills and cupping with Yiannis Taloumis and brewing methods with Stefanos Domatiotis.

Our participation was sealed with success but also with personal satisfaction for the spread of Taf culture in a historical building.