27/11/2017 Taf @ WBC 2017 eng

Taf @ WBC 2017
Taf barista team was present at the Café Show in Seoul, 9-12/11, for the participation of our barista Konstantinos Iatridis at the WBC 2017. With teamwork, support as well as Konstantino’s big effort, he managed to reach the 10th place during the semi finals and and the 13th place at the end of the competition, among 58 countries.

Konstantinos used the coffee Magokoro Estates from Ninety Plus, Ethiopia that has an innovative processing by Semeon Abay. During his show, he presented three different innovations:

– He removed the silver skin from the roasted coffee, by doing two different grinds, in order to decrease the dryness of the bean and obtain a more “clear” aftertaste.

– He froze the coffee for more consistency and flavors

– He made an extraction that lasted longer and enhanced the flavors with longer shots.

You can have a look at his presentation during the semi-finals by clicking below https://worldbaristachampionship.org/2017-world-barista-championship-seoul/

The level of the competition was significantly high and therefore the experience as well as the knowledge acquired from this participation was truly important for us. This will be the grounds to become better and return with new ideas in future championships.

We would like to thank all those who participated in this very special project and especially Ninety Plus for the support!

Finally, Café show visitors on Saturday the 18th of November had the opportunity to exceptional shots of Taf Competition Blend at the official WBC Espresso Bar by Daterra.