23/12/2015 An international award for Taf espresso

An international award for Taf espresso

An important distinction announced for Taf, from the international competition for espresso category, of International Speciality Coffee Association held in Taiwan. The Taf espresso was a single estate coffee from Finca Kilimajaro, El Salvador and the leading producer Aida Battle, (which had taken the first place in the HBC in 2015), won the third place among roasteries from around the world. Moreover, the roasteries that have taken part had gained a leading position in the national barista championship of their countries.The coffee grows in region of Santa Ana, to an altitude of 1580-1720m and has two varieties, Bourbon and SL28, processed with Kenya method and is roasted skillfully at Taf Roastery, Athens. The winning cup contained 19,5 gr. of coffee, with complex, sweet acidity and taste of brown sugar.