23/02/2016 Taf rewards its Costa Rica producers

Taf rewards its Costa Rica producers

We strongly believe that the awards do not belong to only one person. That’s why we wanted to reward our producers, who are the first and very important links in the great chain of coffee, starting from Costa Rica.

Yiannis Taloumis travelled to Costa Rica, in his annual trip, to evaluate the new crop of fine coffees that we expect in Taf Roastery in a while.

There, we held a celebration to honor the producers that over the years trust in our hands their best beans. The nine awarded producers, had the chance to watch photografic slide show of where their coffee goes, when is gone of their hands. From sacks arriving in Roastery in Athens, to roasting machines, and coffee as a drink in the shops of the Taf network. Their prize was an owl, the symbol of wisdom, written with the words of Socrates, “wisdom begins in wonder”.