21-22/10/2019 taf @ The unveiling of Accademia del Caffè Espresso

Facing the UNESCO heritage Tuscany hills, the very ones painted by many Renaissance artists, stands the first La Marzocco factory. A historical space that is now turned into an exemplary space of culture, innovation, education, and research dedicated to building the future of sustainable coffee.
La Marzocco officially opened the doors of its headquarters in Pian di San Bartolo in 1960 for the unveiling of Accademia del Caffè Espresso. It is there that La Marzocco was based until 2009, the year the company moved to its current headquarters in Scarperia.

The Accademia’s goal is to advance the espresso coffee sector, increase knowledge, competence and responsibility deriving from the meeting of cultures, expertise and skilled work.

The space at the Accademia desires to unite every generation to experience the coffee culture and its element, to share experiences and, through ideas, generate an active debate on the contemporaneity and sustainable future of this precious plant.

The amazing building with its gorgeous spaces offers o the visitor a unique experience.

The Bambi Bar “narrates” The story of the espresso which starts there in 1959, for which their team creates a special blend (60% Arabica +40%Robusta) to offer to customers the experience of drinking an original Italian espresso.

The Indoor coffee plantation surrounded by a selection of plants to understand the valuable knowledge of plants, their challenges and specificity.

The Exhibition Area makes it possible for the visitor to discover and to learn La Marzocco’s history through History.

The Accademia contemporary Bar that looks over to the future, fully equipped setting for showcasing the best technology and products in terms of efficiency and quality, is a space where the visitor can experiment with coffee machines, to learn and to advance.

We are very proud, once again, to work with such an inspiring company as La Marzocco and also very excited to be there at Accademia del Caffè Espresso unveiling.

Thank you La Marzocco for this extraordinary and unique experience!