17-18/07/2012 90+ @ Taf roastery & Taf Lab

Ninety Plus is a coffee company with particular passion for the first steps of coffee production, plantation and processing. Ninety Plus has created a sensory room where its experienced cuppers categorize the coffees based on their taste and aromatic characteristics and not based on the region (microregion, microclimate etc) in which they grow. Then they codify and name the coffees based on these characteristics, approaching differently the way in which each coffee’s character is perceived. Taf cooperates with Ninety Plus since 2008 when we purchased the lot Beloya from Ethiopia. In 2011 Taf purchased the lot Tchembe from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. On Tuesday 17/08/12 and Wednesday 18/08/12 Taf’s team and Ninety Plus  (http://www.ninetypluscoffee.com/) – Joseph Brodsky and Krisi Ke – had the opportunity to roast Ninety Plus coffees at Taf roastery and do some cuppings at Taf Lab! Together with Joseph we worked on the selection of the lot that Taf will purchase soon from Ninety Plus.

Yiannis Taloumis