14/12/2019 taf coffee tasting experience @ Ergon House

On Saturday 14/12, Yiannis Taloumis and Ergon House held a unique coffee tasting experience event designed to initiate coffee lovers to the secrets of this precious fruit. At noon and for a few hours, Ergon House on Mitropoleos Street filled with coffee aromas from Brazil, Yemen, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The coffees that starred in this unique taste experience were:

To-la Reserve – Αιθιοπία

Cup Profile: pineapple, blueberries, dried banana, juicy body, balanced acidity

Mococa – Βραζιλία

Cup profile: sweet, milk chocolate, herbal, red fruits, creamy body

Thuti – Κένυα

Cup profile: citrus, hibiscus, gooseberry, white grapes, delicate – smooth, balanced

& a special coffee from a new micro-lot project from Yemen.

Taloumis, in his own unique way, tried to impart all the magic and delicate tasting distinction between different coffees. It is notable to mention that the participants had the opportunity to get in touch with green coffee beans, as well as a roasting demonstration by Yiannis Taloumis, who provided some useful information regarding this unique art of coffee roasting coffee, that affects the final taste result in the cup.