05/06/2015 Las Ramblas and friends supported Taf’s charity work

Las Ramblas and friends supported Taf’s charity work
In the city of Larisa, at Las Ramblas, another screening of the documentary “A film about coffee” that Taf brought to Greece, took place.

Before the screening, Yiannis Taloumis presented the coffee tasting of the Ninety Plus Coffee Kemgin from Ethiopia, explaining its profile as well as its special characteristics, while the Greek Barista Champion Stefanos Paterakis made a brew using this coffee.

Participants enjoyed the whole procedure and still having the aftertaste of Kemgin, they watched the movie.

After Yiannis Taloumis’ initiative to donate the amount of money gathered from the Athenian screening to the communities of Rwanda with which Taf cooperates, in order to cover their needs, the people from Las Ramblas followed his example and we are really thankful for that. We would also like to thank all participants.