01/02/2015 A different Sunday

A different Sunday
Yesterday, the coffee place of Theater 104 was full of people who wanted to support our donation to Rwanda.

During a charity oriented event, with a lot of high quality coffee, many consumers, coffee professionals as well as journalists were present and enjoyed brew as well as espresso coffee from Rwanda.

They had also the chance to participate in two seminars, sensory skills with Yiannis Taloumis and Brew Methods with Stefanos Domatiotis, in a very interesting cupping and the premiere of an exceptional film.

Taf organized the first screening of the documentary “A film about coffee” and invited the coffee fanatics and those fond of alternative films to watch it. The film visualizes the long and difficult trip of specialty coffee from the tree to the cup, with personal interviews of important people, producers, roasters and barista. All things mentioned during the workshop were applied during the cupping session and then were visualized in the film and this interactivity was very positive for all of us.

We are grateful towards the producers and the coffee cooperatives in Rwanda with which we cooperate and that is why we donate all the revenues from this event to cover their needs. We thank you all for your contribution to our offer!