Abdon Quilla Ochochque - Peru

Abdon Quilla Ochochque has been cultivating coffee on finca San Juan for 10 years. The harvest period in Alto Inambari begins in August and ends in September. Typica, Bourbon and Geisha trees are grown on 1,5 hectares of land. Only ripe cherries are picked and then they are immediately fermented for 16-20 hours. Washed parchment coffee is then set to dry for 10-12 days on raised beds before sent to the dry mill.

Fair Trade Organic Certified
Origin: Alto Inambari
Altitude: 1700m
Variety: Typica, Bourbon & Geisha
Processing: Washed
Cup profile: orange, tamarind, ginger, malic complex acidity, juicy body, refreshing aftertaste

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Abdon Quilla Ochochque - Peru